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Branding life Marketing Strategy November 16, 2020

Galderma Daylong Launch Campaign

A campaign designed to boost the awareness and visibility of the Daylong line of products on social media.


Launch a new campaign for social media purposes featuring a Ski champion as an influencer

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX, Value Story Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Campaign

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Open Project

Identify an ambassador and launch a social media campaign to build SOV (share of voice) in few weeks

Kainjoo Astate is a team of creatives excited about unique ideas and help brands stand out on the internet. For Galderma, and especially Daylong, a suncream product the challenge was to quickly identify, organise and run a high-quality advertising campaign, capable to embed the brand essence on social videos. 

How we approached it

Strategic planning, copy-writing and push on social meda

Once our team discovered the ambassador and contracted her, we organised the photoshoot following the storyboard drafted by our lead copy-writer. Then, our studio ran the post-production to quickly format the videos for social media use.

instagram template 1
instagram template 6
instagram template 3

As a result, the campaign built in a week went live internally, as a test with employees, before scaling it on Instagram and Facebook. The video helped vehiculate quickly the message around the product and capture SOV in a cost-effective manner, as social networks promoted the video on-platform at a lower cost-per-clic. 

3 sigma

days from start to launch


Team members involved

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