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Branding Creative life Marketing November 16, 2020

Daylong ATP Partnership Campaign

For Galderma, Kainjoo prepared a unique campaign supporting the launch of the ATP competition, featuring Daylong as a prime sponsor during the event.


Unify the communication internally and externally throughout channels

  • Strategy

    Copy Writing, Creative Direction

  • Design

    Art Direction, Campaign

  • Client


  • Tags


Open Project

Structure a visual system with brand value story for internal and external com

In a complex environment with multiple stakeholders, the team prepared a new campaign toolkit for promoting the partnership across channels, both targeting consumers, HCPs and internal employees.

How we did it

Marketing materials designed for fast time-to-market and autonomy

Using the existing DAM (digital asset management) platform of Galderma, Kainjoo prepared a library of campaign materials to easily build localised communications across channels, using Frontify and Adobe Cloud for faster executions.

160708 concept2 brochure
160708 concept1 timeline

From print to online, the studio adapted the copy-writing from our marketing colleagues to build a coherent eco-system for the campaign

4 Sigma

working days


team members

The team

Meet our professional team.

Project Management

— Thomas Pasini
Project & Account Manager


— Mélanie Bêche
Marketing Manager

Art Direction

— Alexander Imhoff
Art direction & creative design

Creative Design

— Valentin Sidot
Creative designer

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